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November Already?

Confessions of an Innkeeper:  My name is Michelle and I love pie.  Apple pie, chocolate pie, peanut butter pie, butter beer pie – the options are endless. November is officially the best pie month of the year, when no one considers multiple pieces of multiple varieties of pie to be a bad thing.  Elastic waistbands and cozy hoodies allow you the extra room to eat pie

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It’s October!

Confessions of an Innkeeper:  My name is Michelle and I do not actually enjoy doing laundry.  Let me amend that statement – I enjoy folding warm laundry, freshly pulled from the dryer.  I can take or leave the washing/drying cycle.  But the putting away process is a chore I will procrastinate until the end of time.  Or until I run out of clean socks.  Chances are

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Confessions of an Innkeeper:  While my name is not Hope, I am a real, live actual person who lives at Inn BoonsBoro.  My name is Michelle and I’ve been the Resident Innkeeper for about 3 years.  The staff is often asked questions comparing our day to day life with the IBB Trilogy, and I’ll admit, NR kept things authentic with what our work is all about. 

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