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The Farmer in the Dell

Confessions of an Innkeeper: 

My name is Michelle and I have a black thumb.  Despite the many, many ways in which I have killed all forms of flora and fauna, I convince myself every few years to try again.  Mostly because I really enjoy reading the Farmer’s Almanac in my spare time and would someday like to become a farmer.  The movie Secondhand Lions spoke to me on so many levels. My goal for 2019 was to keep 3 small succulent plants alive.  The wise and all-knowing Marcella, our landscaping extraordinaire, swore I could do it with a little love, hope, water, and sunshine. I knew going in to this mission that the odds of survival were low, but as the Spring Equinox hits in 2020, I’m proud to say that two out of three ain’t bad! Next up are a couple of well-chosen kitchen herbs.  Fingers crossed!

“Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil and you’re a thousand miles from the corn field.”
Quote ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

Fun fact:  

Gardening may not be my special talent, but the variety of life skills on the IBB staff is mind boggling.  Head housekeeper Kelsi is the overseer of a wildlife refuge in her home.  At any given time, she houses no less than 5 dogs, 3 children (this includes her husband), a lizard, a spider, and a cat.  I wonder if this assortment is why she says she loves coming to work every day?  Karen, our fearless leader, is like a computer with so many browser tabs open at the same time it’s a wonder she doesn’t explode.  Multi-tasking is her middle name, though we all thought it was Commander-In-Chief.  Diana is a Disney princess in her soul and will someday, with a bippity-boppity-boo, find her glass slipper and Prince Charming, hopefully at the same time. Kasey is a very Zen Mr. Miyagi who stays calm and composed under pressure. She’s leading the group meditation for the staff next weekend before our first wine tasting of the season. 


If you’re interested in reading our monthly book pick & joining the club, please send a private message to the https://www.facebook.com/InnBoonsBoro/ page to join our private group, The Innkeeper’s Book Club and we’ll send you an invite.  No special password or secret handshake required, just some book nerds chatting about what they like to read. We’ll have a live chat about the book on the scheduled date.

March staff book pick: Carnegie’s Maid by Marie Benedict

The Innkeeper’s Book Club virtual chat has been delayed due to recent events.  Our rescheduled March meeting is soon to be announced and the April meeting is TBD.  Members of the Innkeeper’s Book Club group on Facebook will receive a notification when the new event dates are posted.

Sending thoughts of good health, safety, and kindness to you all.

Until next time, 

The Innkeeper

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