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That summertime feeling

Confessions of an Innkeeper: 

My name is Michelle and the busy chaos around IBB the last few weeks has been a welcome change. We’ve seen familiar faces, chatted and visited, and just enjoyed our attempts at normalcy – all while doing our best to keep up with the un-normal and unfamiliar new things on our to-do list.  For example, sanitizing the remote control for the television every day.  Trying to both wipe down the buttons and not turn the TV on at the same time have provided us with endless hours of entertainment. It’s a wacky world we’re living in but for all the staff it’s been nice to see each other and our guests again.  Except Karen keeps making us do stuff. And things.  Like work. Which is exhausting when the most taxing thing you’ve had to do for months is decide whether or not to brush your hair on any given day.  And, apparently, no one else supports my new mission in life to become a professional book reader because it interferes with my actual job. And my family says it’s “not a real job” if someone isn’t paying me to do it. I don’t think I need that kind of negativity in my circle.    

“When I figured out how to work my grill, it was quite a moment. I discovered that summer is a completely different experience when you know how to grill.”
Quote ~ Taylor Swift

Fun fact:  

The world’s first bikini was unveiled in July 1946, worn by model Micheline Bernardini at the Piscine Molitor swimming pool in Paris. Everyone on the IBB staff is pretty firmly of the opinion that you should wear whatever floats your boat to enjoy your fun in the sun, but where we like to swim best is a topic of hot debate.  Karen and Kasey are 100% ocean gals, with the beaches and sand and waves making them happy as mermaids.  However, they also have the good beachy hair that makes them look naturally prettier than normal when they hit the waves. Kelsi & I are anti-ocean (there are things out there that can eat us) and prefer swimming pools on a hot summer day because we want to actually see what’s swimming with us.  Diana wants to go to the beach but swim in a pool because she just likes to be difficult like that.  Mostly, I just think as long as the sand is not boldly going where no sand should go, watching a good sunset on the beach with a Mai Tai in hand is a beautiful thing but the sharks have their space and I have mine and never the two shall meet.  Which is why my very short lived dream of becoming Gidget didn’t work out. 


If you’re interested in reading our monthly book pick and joining the book club, please send a private message to the https://www.facebook.com/InnBoonsBoro/ page to join our private group, The Innkeeper’s Book Club and we’ll send you an invite.  No special password or secret handshake required, just some book nerds chatting about what they like to read. We’ll have a live chat about the book on the scheduled date.

We’re currently reading It All Comes Back To You by Beth Duke

The Innkeeper’s Book Club virtual chat will be held on Aug 11th at 6:00pm EST

Sending thoughts of good health, safety, and kindness to you all.

Until next time, 

The Innkeeper

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